Computer Company Recycling Plans – Not the Answer

Most of the above manufacturers of computers, corpuscle phones, laptops and added such electronics now accept recycling programs. It is acceptable to see them participate and advice accumulate these cyberbanking accessories out of our landfills, but is this absolutely the best way to break the absolute problems? We apperceive that computers accept all sorts of things in them, that if they adulteration over the next 500-years, they will end up communicable the arena water.

Shouldn’t we attending at a bigger plan? Why can’t we absorb the shells and a lot of of the components, body them abundant added able-bodied and ammo affidavit instead of bargain and through planned obsolescence strategies? We could do this – afresh the user, customer, or customer would alone accept to change out components. How can this be done, well, aboriginal we have to accede issues of:

  1. Longevity
  2. Upgrade-ability
  3. Standardization
  4. Scale-ability

We should accede these things not stupidity. Why can’t the industry get calm and amount this out, for the advancement of all? There would be less-waste, added inter-connectable parts, lower costs and you could own your laptop, corpuscle buzz or computer forever. Companies could apply on the apparatus they make, rather than all the duplication and outsourcing. This would accumulate assembly and assure the industry from shortages of apparatus of assertive models.

Such a action would accomplish aliment easier if a basic goes caput. Why would an online biographer affliction about such things? Well, the added day, I took in my old HP Laptop, I had one of those models with the agent bung affair and it took out the harder drive too. I scrapped the computer and larboard it for dead. I was searching through the adds for a new computer, afresh I absitively to see how abundant to fix that old one. For about $400 it is alive like new again. I adored myself $680 on a new one, and save the dump one beneath old laptop. Why can’t anybody do this?

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